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11th March 2014




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9th March 2014

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Micah Ganske (b.1980, USA)

Micah Ganske is an Award-Winning Artist born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His current body of work is titled Tomorrow Land. The images start with the simple juxtaposition of large shadows over aerial views of depressed and abandoned locations. The shadows cast are of things that symbolize, what he refers to as Aspirational Technology. These are things that represent, or at one point represented, the progress of our technological civilization and the glory which a high-technology future would bring. The locations depicted are towns, neighborhoods and population centers which have been recently abandoned due to industrial negligence. These areas represent the hubris of our species and lack of foresight that has been so catastrophic over the history of human civilization. These works embody Micah’s optimism along with a realism about what we as a species are capable of.

[more Micah Ganske | artist found at archatlas]

16th February 2014

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Li Hongbo 李洪波 (b.1974, China)

Even for a book editor and designer, Li Hongbo has an unusual attachment to paper.  “I love it and collect it,” he says.  He also does increasingly audacious experiments with it. The installation Paper (2010) began when Li Hongbo bought one of the “honeycomb” paper balls used for festive decorations in China and took it apart to see how it was made.  “I realised it’s really quite simple,” he says. “Yet the flexibility in terms of shape and properties is amazing.” His take on this craft tradition is indeed amazing, and it is made entirely of common paper.  With the help of an assistant, Li Hongbo stuck more than 30,000 sheets together with carefully placed stripes of glue to form what look like two large blocks of balsa wood. Using an electric saw, he carved these stacks into identical human figures. One he leaves intact, except for a toppled head; the other is stretched out like a vast accordion, its torso and limbs looping around the gallery space like a gigantic Slinky toy. Many visitors find it hard to believe that it ever looked anything like its upright twin. The artist hopes the work will awaken viewers to what captivates his own imagination: “the endless possibilities of paper.” (src. White Rabbit Collection)

[more Li Hongbo | artist found at thisiscolossal]

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9th February 2014

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Evolution Door


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7th February 2014

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Chocolate Scrabble! oh yes, please!

Chocolate Scrabble! oh yes, please!

4th January 2014

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Crazy backpack!!

Crazy backpack!!

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2nd January 2014

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Dogs on Comedy

Contrary to popular belief, not all canine comedians are Canadian, although most canine comedians are very respectful.

As with most things in their lives, dogs are surprisingly sensitive when it comes to humor. They love to laugh, and many an energetic Spaniel can be seen trying new material in your local dog park, but there are some subjects that are strictly off limits.

Religion isn’t much of a concern, nor is race, but subjects like hunger or being lonely will leave a canine audience totally cold. In certain late-night dog clubs a more risqué dog comedian might hint at food going uneaten or cold nights outside,  but those types of jokes are generally considered unsuitable for television.

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28th December 2013

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Reviewing the most popular tumblr posts of 2013 and I definitely appreciate pokemon wearing onsies…

Lil Pokemon friends by itsbirdy

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27th December 2013

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10 different knots for men’s ties.

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15th December 2013

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NOMAD by Ian Lorne Kent

A sustainable micro home that costs less than $30,000.



Dream house.

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11th December 2013


I love Dogs, I don’t love Dog Hair.  It would be great if Dogs did laundry. - Springwise.

I love Dogs, I don’t love Dog Hair.  It would be great if Dogs did laundry. - Springwise.

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8th December 2013

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A Science Guy’s Place in the Sun: How Bill Nye keeps his home humming with solar panels, energy-efficient windows and a range of green gadgets.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

7th December 2013

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The Art of Organization…

"The Art of Clean UP": El arts de ordenar

Imagine how good this would feel for an ocd person, for real, this is cool

this actually made me really happy

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4th December 2013

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4th December 2013

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Pac-Man takes over the L Train < • • •


Pac-Man takes over the L Train < • • 

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